MG Internaiment Umum flowers Compassion. Hybrid Tea Rose.

flowers Compassion. Hybrid Tea Rose.

The flowers are large, 4 inches across with 30 petals or more, and are white suffused with pink. It is shade tolerant and does best facing south (meaning north in Australia). It has the wonderful old-fashioned rose fragrance and blooms repeatedly from spring until mid autumn. The canes are flexible, making it possible to train it over just about anything you want. This rose is a must have for me.

Compassion. Hybrid Tea Rose.

This highly fragrant climbing rose is a winner: Royal National Rose Society Edland Fragrance Medal of 1973; Award of Garden Merit 1993. It will grow to 15 feet and is ideal for a wall, a trellis, a fence, but especially a pillar.

The blooms are large with around 36 to 40 petals which are salmon pink, orange and rose pink, flushed with gold. They are delightfully ruffled and somewhat raggedy. It has a very strong sweet fragrance with large 4 inch blooms and dark green foliage. It flowers repeatedly from late spring to late summer. It should be pruned in early winter to keep the blooms coming. You don’t want to miss any …

It’s parents are White Cockade and Prima Ballerina, both truly awesome! So it has very high disease resistance. It makes an excellent cut flower to fill your home with perfume. The blooms appear both singly and in small clusters.

Gloire de Dijon. Old Noisette Rose.
Gloire de Dijon
This beautiful old fragrant climbing rose was bred in 1853. It is frequently listed as Hybrid Tea Rose, probably because of the pointy petals which are actually a characteristic of the Tea Roses. However, it is definitely a Noisette or a Tea Noisette. Hybrid Teas were not created until 1867 and were a combination of Hybrid Perpetuals and the Tea Roses.

Its parents were ‘Desprez de Jaune’ (a Noisette) and ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ ( an extremely famous and popular Noisette rose named after the home of the Empress Josephine). Gloire de Dijon was an original inductee in the Old Rose Hall of Fame in 1988.

This amazingly fragrant rose climber will grow to 18 feet or more, surrounding you with an intense Tea Fragrance. It blooms in early summer with repeat flushes until the first frost. It has extremely high disease resistance and will even tolerate some shade.

The old fashioned fluffy blooms are 4 inches across with apricot, cream, gold and pink tones. The foliage is mid green. It has very vigorous growth for pillars, archways, a gazebo, pergola, a trellis or a wall. A truly perfect old fragrant climbing rose. Take a look at the Google Images which show just how many shades of colour become apparent as this stunning rose climber goes from bud to full bloom, and see what can be done with it.

Eglantyne. English Rose.

This sublime David Austin fragrant climbing rose was named after Eglantyne Jebbs who founded the ‘Save the Children Fund’. Developed in 1994, it is considered to be one of his very best. His website remarks: “We regard this as one of the most beautiful of the English Roses. The flowers are quite large and of exquisite formation – the petals turning up at the edges to form a shallow saucer filled with small petals”.

Its height is from 6 to 8 feet. It has a strong old rose fragrance with long stemmed single blooms, making it ideal as a cut flower. There are 130 petals or more on the 3 inch blooms which are coloured rose pink to pale pink with a large gold centre. The foliage is mid to dark green. The buds are well formed, ideal for a buttonhole. It has very high disease resistance and flowers repeatedly from early summer to early autumn. It grows well in Australia.

Albertine. Hybrid Wichurana Rambling Rose.

Rosa Albertine – Giverny04
Beyond beautiful, this highly fragrant Wichurana Rambler is guaranteed to stun with its sheer beauty. Like most Ramblers, it only flowers once a year for a month or so, but it’s so worth waiting for to enjoy the beauty and the fragrance while it lasts.

The flowers are excellent for cutting: up to 3 inches across, with beautiful clusters of pink blooms which are cup-shaped with gold at the centres.

It will grow to 20 feet so it’s another for the gazebo for coffee time, or train it over a pergola, an arbor, a huge trellis on a wall, or just anywhere where you can see and smell it.

First bred in France in 1921, it has very vigorous growth with flexible reddish canes, ideal for training as long as you wear gloves – it is quite thorny – but with its delightful arching habit, it is well worth making that special effort. It will flower in late spring to the beginning of summer for about 6 weeks, with a strong tea rose scent. I could not wish for a prettier fragrant climbing rose.

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