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Levels of government

Welcome aboard! The initial vision of Metagovernment had a very similar structure to the one you mention on User:Symetrist. See for example under the "Levels of government" section. However, as we discussed how governments would interact, we came up with what we think is a much more flexible structure. Metagovernment is not a strong central government. It is only the government of the Metascore software and perhaps of global issues. But we expect most law-making to be made in a distributed network of communities. We intend for there to be an instance of Metascore for each community. As an example from the list server, there could be a government of a city, a government of the park system within that city, a government of one park, and a government of a golf tournament held at that park (with the word "government" being broadly defined as the organizing principle of a community). Each government is an instance of Metascore, with users being able to participate in each through a somewhat unified structure (the Metagovernment). We are still developing these ideas, so would gladly welcome whatever input you can provide. I would encourage you to join the Startup list server if you have not already. — Ed Pastore 03:50, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

Welcome. I would add to what Ed sais that as we are programming the beast we are realising how many variables need to be set. The variables will define how much weight, for example, do people who are outside the community has on the internal discussion, or how much steepness the tag clouds have (that is, how much the first tag is important respect to the second, and so on). As you change those values the government will slightly change. We envision a long period to find the windows where the parameters make sense, but then each community will probably use different values, and even readjust them by voting (pardon, discussing) on new values. --Pietro 23:40, 29 August 2008 (UTC)