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Hello! You can find all you want to know about me from my web site:

I also have a blog at

I am quite interested in the concept of democracy via internet, and I have the clear sensation that a direct democracy via internet would be a fairly different things from a direct democracy without using internet. This because of the p2p interaction that would happen via the internet, where also people who are not good speaker, but have good ideas, would have a possibility to express it, and have it catch up.

I have programmed in C, C++, Visual C++. Now I mostly program in Python, language which I adore.

I also work at the university, and my main theme is making computer models of natural systems. Among the systems modelled, I also include society, and generally social and economic systems. As well as the Internet.

I made some studies on Tags, and tag clouds, which you can find in my blog.

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Notes for me:

TITLE: Range Voting


abstract ;

ps file (27 pages) ;

Attempt to summarize paper in 1 picture (ps file)!

C program for monte carlo voting study;

data output by that program;

possible press release about this work;

questions and answers about range voting;

opinion piece about voting;

AUTHOR: Warren D.Smith DATE: 11/28/00