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I'm a CS Student currently residing in Darmstadt Germany, originally born in the Republic of Ireland. Apart from my university studies, I have translated the book Producing Open Source Software, by Karl Fogel into German, which I highly to recommend anybody who hasn't participated in an open source project, before this one.

I have also been working as a Java developer (not to worry, I'm not advocating it) for the past two years.


> I am sure that you are each aware that this project is almost absurdly
> ambitious: attempting to implement a new form of human governance.

I don't find the ultimate goal absurdly ambitious, most people in a democracy will probably agree that it is far from the optimal government. I think there is great potential for support from very many people. It would however be absurdly ambitious to try to implement an open source government on a national level, right from the beginning.

Although I think most of us have the ultimate goal of a national government, where every citizen can participate, I think we shouldn't constrain ourselves to this. I can even think of stockholders wanting to discuss with the employees how best to run a company, rather than leaving it to overpaid executives.

I think the theme the project should follow, is that this government model is suitable for quite a range of communities and organizations. This gives a clear path for spreading the model of open source governance.

We ourselves should of course be the very first, to adopt it, on the principle of eating you're own dog food as a developer. Local communities will hopefully adopt it as a more efficient way of discussion than a meeting in the town hall or the like. Working our way up through state level government maybe even some large organizations, eventually some small rouge state (probably the swiss ;-) will adopt it and the modle will have a chance to prove itself.