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for brevity, i would just name the basic principles with a link to a more detailed description thereof. i think there is no need to repeat the interpretation of the principles on the main page. such an approach will lead to double work in terms of editing. rustahm 04:17, 16 September 2008 (UTC)

I think the basic principles are (somewhat) static though? I see your point, but I also remember being intrigued by the scope of the 'transition' section at the bottom of the page -- which, with an editors eye, would seem to be out of place. Richard Franks 06:18, 16 September 2008 (UTC)
static? nothing's ever static in this world. especially when we are talking about people's perceptions about abstract things, such as principles. fundamental movements are everywhere. remember Large Hadron Collider? ;-) so, description of the basic principles is subject to changes. like there might be one Bible but many interpretations thereof.
as for the section "Transition", i think a dedicated page would be more appropriate, again with a link thereto from a short passage on the main page.
rustahm 16:56, 16 September 2008 (UTC)
As of this revision, I changed the basic principles to a transclusion from the basic principles page. So changes on that page are automatically reflected on this page. That said... the basic principles should remain mostly unchanged, and at some point I think we should protect the page from modification. — Ed Pastore 21:47, 16 September 2008 (UTC)

Simple but no simpler?

From the current lede:

Anybody with enough time and dedication should be able to participate

The terms "enough time" and "dedication" are highly subjective - perhaps giving rise to the idea that it is a walled garden?

Disputes are resolved through synthesis, rather than voting or compromise, 

This would mean nothing to a newcomer.

I suggest that the lede is kept as simple as possible - providing information without raising any questions or nuance e.g.:

The goal of the Metagovernment project is to make the governance of any community as accessible as a free software project; not everyone must participate, but everyone must be allowed to participate.

People may help govern any community as much or as little as they wish by creating, discussing, and supporting resolutions. User input is weighed by other users through a scoring system and brought to the attention of other participants interested in that input.

The Metagovernment project governs and develops Metascore, the software to aid and manage community-based, open source governance systems. It is a global project in the startup phase, and you are encouraged to participate.

The following principles have been proposed but disputed. See basic principles and Talk:Basic principles for the dispute.

I wouldn't list the disputed principles on the main page, but I'd try to turn it into a selling point, e.g.

Following the principle of radical transparency, please see basic principles and
Talk:Basic principles for details of principles which have been proposed but disputed.

Transition - I'd be tempted to put a hook at the end - I think there is more power in humility here, especially as not to come across as radical looneys - so perhaps something like:

The Metascore software in current development may not be the tool which gains widespread adoption among the populace, but that's not a reason not to write it. The path transition takes will undoubtedly take us on many unexpected turns, but that's not a reason not to lay the foundations. We are confident that the philosophies, principles and practices we are developing together will form the cornerstone of the next major revision of democratic participation in governance.

While we do hope that you choose to participate in Metagovernment, we also encourage you to look at these related projects.