Systemic Consensus

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Systemic Consensus is a method to build decisions about several suggestions upon finding the minimal dissent, upon distillation of those choices which cause the lowest potential of conflict in the group of deciders.

So if You have five suggestions for weekend activities, and three of these suggestions would make a full weekend agenda for You and Your friends, then use SC. Each participant evaluates each proposal with up to ten resistance points. Each suggestion's sum of resistance points gives the group resistance against that proposal. The best suggestion(s) should be the one(s) with the smallest group resistance.



Paula Theodora Henry Uwe group resistance group resistance (uncorrected) taken for the weekend's agenda?
Barbecue 8 3 0 1 12 yes
Boat trip 4 7 9 0 20 no
Hiking 2 4 6 2 14 yes
Museum 1 6 3 0 10 yes
Tea time 1 3 10 18 13 no

Uwe didn't give a vote for "tea time". Thus the system should replace the empty vote field with the figure 5 (=medium resistance/undecided), yielding the result as shown with 18 as group resistance.

Otherwise "tea time" would be counted as one of the best suggestions, replacing "hiking" on the agenda. This mode is the actual SC system prototype mode, but the other mode in which empty voting fields are replaced by 5 is the more logical mode when you calculate a degree of acceptance out of the results, or when you allow to add additional suggestions during the running evaluation process.

acceptance a

group size s

group resistance r ( including the fives from empty voting fields filled with 5 )

a = 10 - r / ( 10 * s)

or as percentage value

a = 100 - 10 * r / ( 10 * s )

this calculation gives illogical results in the SC prototype when You don't intend an innovative creative consensus making since s will not be the group size but just the number of group members who evaluated the suggestion. Then take Excel for calculating acceptance values by using the proper formulas as shown.

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