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This is the page for Meeting 10 of the Metagovernment project.


The meeting will be held at 1500 UTC on January 8, 2012. Click here to see that time in your local time zone.

Venue is audio/video chat, with text chat and notes on


Primarily to discuss the possibility of establishing a formal organization.

David will present options and a suggested plan of action, followed by a Q&A session.

See the latest proposal for an organizational charter at Charter/Draft2.


Please list your Skype handle if you wish to participate. If you do not wish to list it here, please e-mail it to David (whose address you can find on the list server).

Name - Skype Handle

  • Ed Pastore - edwardpastore
  • Alexander Praetorius - alexander.praetorius
  • ~Michael Allan - michael_c_allan - I'm dropping out to free up video slots for others, I'll follow on a back channel if I can
  • Jonas Liljegren - jonas_liljegren


See the list server thread starting here: