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This is the page for Meeting 1 of the Startup Committee of the Metagovernment project.

Please use the Talk page to discuss the meeting and/or the agenda.

Date and time

The first meeting has been proposed for Saturday, June 7 2008 at 16:00 GMT.

Use this time selection tool to help you find the time in your zone.

Some relevant times are:

  • 08:00 AM United States (West)
  • 11:00 AM United States (East)
  • 04:00 PM United Kingdom
  • 05:00 PM Germany
  • 06:00 PM Israel

Proposed agenda

The following agenda is proposed. Please expand or edit this section as appropriate.

Project status

  1. Member availability — Who has how much time to devote to what parts of the project?
  2. Suitability of mailing list, wiki, forum, and Mercurial to Metagovernment and to Metascore.
    1. Which ones to focus on.
    2. What to do with the other ones (all archives should be open, regardless).
  3. When to open list server and/or wiki.
  4. Make preliminary timeline for Metascore, heavily revise Metagovernment timeline.

Non-Profit Foundations

  1. Which formal organizations need to be formed? This will be relevant when we want to take monetary donations. Should Metagovernment and Metascore have separate organizations...?
  2. What nation to form in? Looking for the best host for our organizations.
  3. What kind of entity to form as (depends on the above).

Current site

  1. Development of wiki model.
    1. Will need more work and input before going public.
    2. Will need individuals to monitor and update it.


Please use this section to detail or link to any places you have publicized the meeting.

  • On June 1, Manuel sent a German-language e-mail invitation to the Chaos Computer Club.
  • On June 6, Ed added a news item to the Sourceforge site for Metascore.


Please write your name below if you intend to "attend" this meeting. Even if you do not RSVP here, you are still welcome to attend.

Meeting minutes and transcript


  • Keep the list server for now, but propose move to Bulletin Board.
    • If move to Bulletin Board, ask Rob if can port his to
  • Increase use of wiki.
  • Make list and wiki publicly open Sunday night, if no objection.


  • May or may not yet be a need for an institution.
  • Ed will write up a proposal at Startup/Organization.
    • Ed will try to form one.
      • If doesn't succeed soon, then will try to distribute responsibility.
  • Before an institution is formed, current group needs backup plan.
    • #metascore on freenode is the default fallback,
    • also have everyone's e-mail address.
See the full log.