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The open company is a concept developed by E Text Editor where a for-profit company is run like an open source project. Instead of employees, the company has contributors who add to the company as they please, as with an adhocracy.

An essential tool used in the open company is the trust metric (similar to the user element of the scoring system envisioned for Candiwi), which is a gauge of how well a contributor is respected by other contributors.

How it works

Following is an excerpt from the blog post about the E Text Editor open company:

1st step: Releasing the source

The source will be made available, so that users can study and modify the application for their own needs. If they want to contribute their changes back, they can submit them for review. To discourage piracy, a tiny but essential core (also containing the licensing code), will be kept private (at least until users reach a certain rating). This will gradually be followed by a similar opening of the rest of the company (web site, documentation, bug tracking, etc..)

2nd step: Building the Trust Metric

The basic infrastructure will be set up so that participants can start rating each other. The algorithms and code will be released as open source, so that they can be studied and discussed (and used by others). It will probably need quite some time and tweaking before we reach a fair balance.

3rd step: Compensating Participants

All income in the company (minus operating expenses), will be passed through the trust metric and distributed to participants.

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