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How Metascore should be in a particular small organization from which you are a member? Responding to this question here, we try to describe a grassroots-oriented version of Metascore.

Educational ambient

By Matías.

In the institution where I study —as in many organizations— an email account is given to each member, to be used mostly for internal communication. Sometimes discussions for solving small problems arise there —showing that an assembly is worthwhile for us under special situations— but we never arrive to conclusions... a mailing list (used this way) is a tool that only works for certain groups of people.

We tried with a forum also... it has polls and discussions are displayed neatly, but results were similar. This time the reason was that members did not check the forum often, so participation was reduced and solutions were again not produced. I think that to solve this point, Metascore should come integrated with another service that individuals give daily use and organizations owners of a WAN almost always install in their servers: webmail. Fast adoption is assured.

This aim differs a little from PrototypeA, because we are talking about a Web App and not a DVCS application. This latter has more robustness against server fails, but requires to the user the installation of Metascore on his/her computer—and this is a sort of multiple barrier: for mobile devices, for unsupported operative systems, for lazy users, for inexperienced users. A VCS could have an enhanced robustness with a little redundancy, i.e. applying Metascore on two or more separate servers.

I’m proposing a kind of Metapackage for small organizations. What else should be found in there? At least two more things: a program for open finances —a lot of decisions are made around money— and a “what you see is what you get” interface for editing wiki. For example, it is not easy to get involved in Wikipedia... first you have to learn to use the editor, a time consuming task that a lot of non-geeks reject.

The system cannot be gamed by means of zombie users creation, because accounts are generated by a transparent organism within the organization (an IT manager in my case).

Visible assents

By Michael Allan.

Whenever an issue is being discussed, and one person nods his/her head, in agreement with another, then:

  1. Draw a line of assent from her to the other person, extending through the air;
  2. make the line visible (glowing) to everyone else; and
  3. allow his/her to change the line (redirect it), at any time.

There will soon be many such lines, lighting up paths of agreement. Follow them to their points of convergence, and you will discover what people think of the issue.

I like Votorola's approach to consensus, it is different from what is planned for Metascore but both systems are compatible if we let participants to delegate their vote in a particular issue to people they know and trust. So depending how the user is feeling, he/she can participate by proxy or more directly (standard procedure). --Matías Battocchia 02:24, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

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