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Looking for something to do? Here are some ideas for keeping your wiki in vibrant health. Feel free to add your own!

Some ideas, in no particular order:

  • Find some uncategorized pages and put them in a good category. This make it easy to automate disambiguation.
  • A well-connected wiki is a healthy wiki: Find useful ways to make wikilinks to significant lonely pages and from dead-ends.
  • Query recent changes and see what's active on the wiki today and jump in!
  • Review any short pages and STUBs to consider whether they could use some extra attention.
  • Review wanted pages to see if they can be redirected/edited to a differently titled article of the same topic, or if not, create a good starting article yourself.
  • Bump into useful information that was hard to find? Help others find it more easily by linking to it from common and popular related articles.
  • Grab a random page or recently created page and check it for errors or general cleanup.
  • Edit a popular page and make it really sharp. See also most linked to pages.
  • In your preferences, click "Add pages you edit to your watchlist" in the Editing section to easily track pages you create and edit.
  • Check the participate page for designated tasks others have assembled.
  • And, of course, create new articles with good title names that expand the knowledge and usefulness of the wiki...

Thank you fellow citizens!