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Michal Štěpánek agora.ekklesia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 14:17:19 EST 2016

Hi, I asked them about the rights...

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Dear Michal,

Thank you for your interest in our Essay Competition. 

Copyright of your paper will rest with you as the author. In case we select your essay as the winner or runner-up of a category, we ask you to wait until we have published it before you promote/release your paper through your own channels. Also, when you do so, we ask you to link back to and credit the Next System Project. 


	Carla Santos Skandier
Research Associate
The Next System Project 

Email: csantos at democracycollaborative.org
Web: thenextsystem.org

Facebook: fb.me/thenextsystem 
Twitter: @thenextsystem

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