[MG] Crowdsourcing the History of eDemocracy

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio metagovernment at pietrosperoni.it
Sat May 11 04:23:16 EDT 2013

Hello everybody,
I have been invited to give a talk on the history of eDemocracy for state
of the Net.

I am also writing a book on eDemocracy, and the history will surely be a
chapter into it, too

For all this I am setting up a google spreadsheet on which to base the
talk. I would like to invite people from here to go to the page, and check
that their favorite eDem projects are there. Please add also the starting
(and ending if any) date of the projects. Also anything else you think
should go there, please add it.

On the starting date cell I am adding a comment over where I found that

You will notice also that I have started also some context information and
pre-internet ones that are necessary to integrate the info in a context.

The table is here:

In particular can someone trace back the exact author and the date of the
idea that voting should not be linked with a specific platform? Although
this intuition has not yet reached full maturation I think it deserves a
place as one of the ideas that might come up in the future.

Many thanks.

Best Regards,

Necessary, editorial disclaimer.
Even though I am crowdsourcing this table, I still will hold the final
power over it. This because I very much believe that a good talk (or book)
must have a specific editorial line. So, if you wish to participate you are
helping me, and I will publicly acknowledge you, but I am not asking you to
co-author it, and I might take unpopular decisions over what goes in and
stays out. No hard feelings :-) .


Dr. Pietro Speroni di Fenizio,

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