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Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Wed Jun 5 11:37:24 EDT 2013

Semantic wiki sounds great, though it does make sense to update MediaWiki first. I am leery of locking-in obsolescence, which then just makes future upgrading all the harder.

I still have not had time to dedicate to upgrading/installing, however. I'll try to get to it relatively soon. Or, Michael, if you're game, you're welcome to have ftp or shell access for the site... :)

On May 15, 2013, at 5:18 AM, Michael Allan wrote:

> Ed Pastore said:
>> That sounds great, Michael. However, it means I will have to first
>> update MediaWiki, as Metagov is lagging at 1.1.16.
>> http://www.metagovernment.org/wiki/Special:Version
>> I'll try to get to that soon, but am still having trouble finding
>> worthwhile chunks of time.
> We used it with MW 1.16 once.  I forget exactly which version we used,
> but these claim to support 1.16:
> http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Installation_1.6.0_-_1.6.2
> http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Installation_1.7.0
> I think you can download those versions here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/semediawiki/files/semediawiki/
>> I was thinking I would need to break out the list into at least
>> three tables: software projects, political parties, and
>> philosophy/umbrella groups, because they have different kinds of
>> data. For example, software should reference the license type and
>> code repository, while political party should reference the
>> geography. If I understand correctly, you are saying Semantic
>> MediaWiki would allow us to use one table to maintain these
>> different structures of data?
> One database, many tables.  When a datum changes in the database (when
> a URL is updated, or a number corrected), the change is automatically
> propagated to all tables that show that datum.  If no table happens to
> show it, then the datum still exists in the database.  The database is
> actually just the pages of the wiki.  The tables harvest their data,
> filter them into so many rows (each a page), and present them in
> columns (properties of the pages).
>            P  Q  R
>   Page A
>   Page B
>   Page C
> The advantage is we're now free to create variant tables.  Say that's
> the "philosophy table" above.  A user may copy it elsewhere in the
> wiki and modify it.  He may change the columns and the inclusion
> criteria (rows) to yield a more general "table of theories":
>            P  R  S  T
>   Page A
>   Page B
>   Page B2
>   Page C
>   Page D
>   Page D2
> The data to fill both tables are automatically pulled from the
> individual philosophy/theory pages (A, B, etc).  It's a nice design.
> Mike
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