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conseo 4consensus at web.de
Tue Feb 14 13:39:09 EST 2012


I have tried to make the horizontal difference bridge layout easier to 
understand while adding all of Mike's information (1) except the poll track. 
I'll take you through a short session on the bridge and explain my proposals 
on the way:

1) http://whiletaker.homeip.net/mockups/diffbridge/8/8a.xht
Come to the bridge, e.g. by clicking on a link in a forum post/email. Poll 
type and title is shown in the left caption. Poll id is in the right caption. 
Some tracks are activated by default on the xf toolbar, here the progress 
track and the communications feed track. I have created smilies for that. The 
colouring of the xf toolbar matches identities on the bridge below and doesn't 
interfere with the red tones used to separately colour differences. Difference 
#3 has already been patched in a previous session.

2) http://whiletaker.homeip.net/mockups/diffbridge/8/8b.xht
Show the footings. I have aligned them ascending, to emphasize that it is a 
different dimension (orthogonal information) and also underline the direction 
of votespace. Currently I feel like making these votespace footings default as 
Mike has.
Clarification problem (I have to skype with Mike): I am not yet sure how the 
left buttons in the xf toolbar are expected to behave, I have modelled them as 
toggle icons emphasizing which information is currently shown.

Parallel voters for Ed. and Bu. are left out for now to avoid confusion. You 
can directly navigate to other differences by hitting the white difference 
symbols on the left of Mi. and on the right of Ed. Do you think this is handy?

3) http://whiletaker.homeip.net/mockups/diffbridge/8/8c.xht
Click (pin) a communication element. The toolbar icon for communication 
(bubble) is highlighted and the sender of the post is shown on the right 
caption. Either the communication bubble icon or the text itself opens the 
original post in a new tab.

4) http://whiletaker.homeip.net/mockups/diffbridge/8/8d.xht
Ed logs in. The handle for this is missing at the moment in the xf-toolbar, 
but I suppose it is meant to work that way with single-signon for the mini-
beta. (2) Ed. bridges the second difference, text and bridge-button 
immediately turn green and the patch operation is previewed. 

5) http://whiletaker.homeip.net/mockups/diffbridge/8/8e.xht
Ed hovers the first difference and all communication items relating to this 
difference are highlighted in its colour in the feed track. This is to give an 
idea why we need to separate colour spaces between xf and other sites and in 
general how highlighting helps to underline the connections. Hovering a head 
in the feed can also highlight all related (linked in post) differences on the 

6) http://whiletaker.homeip.net/mockups/diffbridge/8/8f.xht
Tooltips are shown the same way Mike has proposed for xf. On the bridge we can 
use default tooltips aligned to the hovering cursor to explain actions.

Note: You can open the svg in inkscape and activate layers to play around 
more. Feel free to post improved mockups in svg!

1) Obviously there is a lot information. At least three dimensions are in 
there: Differences between two texts, Votespace and communication history. Not 
shown is the history of differences, which could be configured in another 
track. Some smart ideas to strip out more details without losing core 
information? Maybe we don't need votespace?

2) Maybe the slider checkbox as shown in 8d is overkill. I have tried to 
combine the touch-friendly checkboxes with appropriate symobls and arrows. One 
could also use the simple default checkbox with a check sign instead of a 


(1) http://zelea.com/project/votorola/s/gwt/stage/_/mock/diff-1.xht
(2) http://zelea.com/w/User:4consensus_WebDe/G/p/rovn
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