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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Wed Oct 19 19:42:33 EDT 2011

Welcome Anthony,

I agree about private voting.  It poses many hard problems, including
its un-social basis (as I think Craig Simon also suggested).

> ... Would you like to hear more about my strategies to bypass the
> biggest issues in making a site that replaces 'governments'
> worldwide?

Yes.  Is there an intro description?  You gave a link earlier, but all
I see is a login screen.  (I am not a member of "webs".)

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

Anthony Dunn wrote:
> seems like the best way to get around 'unsecure voting' is to display
> transparently who voted on what. When anyone and everyone can go over the
> votes themselves, and check to see if there's any fake profiles, (friends,
> other activity, my ideal website makes it really energy intensive to fake
> being human, especially because users will be asked to only 'friend' people
> they actually know for sure as part of their civic duty to the cause). No
> matter how good a site's protection is, it WILL be hacked, especially
> considering the most powerful people on earth completely oppose this and
> have all the money to program anyone they want to disrupt. (and it's going
> to be their primary objective to paint online government as undependable,
> think about it, we are actively plotting to take away their power entirely.
> -why wouldn't they team up and spend vast resources to stop us? promising
> developers might even 'disappear', to be honest with you, but only if their
> idea for a site really looks like a threat. -which most don't because of
> often unaccounted for variables, such as those determining how well their
> idea's going to spread virally. Secrets = concept suicide, it makes your
> site look like some 'terrorist' plot to usurp power and take over, makes you
> an e.a.s.y target. think about it, what fox is already doing. millions
> gather peacefully for justice and one little group starts a fire and the
> entire global movement starts getting called all kinds of things, while
> media coverage focuses on the bad apples. I mean no disrespect, but we're up
> against a lot more than what we might think. I have a lot to contribute, but
> I alone am incomplete for the creation of this site, while I have many
> pieces others don't, it will take a grand act of collaboration for us all to
> succeed in this monolithic task. Would you like to hear more about my
> strategies to bypass the biggest issues in making a site that replaces
> 'governments' worldwide?
> Anthony Brasher

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