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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Mon Jan 31 01:56:41 EST 2011

conseo wrote:
> Thomas wrote:
> > Now, I don't want to push the idea at you, but I think it would
> > make things easier, if we would use good old Votorola for drafting
> > a document like this (a bit long and complex).
> That is definetly true. This is a perfect use case for Votorola,
> esp. since we do text drafting in branches directly and not only
> voting on some version... Yet we might wait until we can use
> Crossforum to browse the social stuff like Mike suggests and
> therefore can avoid the old interface, which is not really
> self-explaining.

Maybe we should give them free-range drafting.  You know what I mean?
Then we'd have these facilities:

  (a) Free-range drafting - Enabling us to continue working from the
      Metagov wiki as is.  (new, 2 days work)

  (b) Difference bridge - Tying together our draft-work in the wiki
      and our discussions in the mailing list.

  (c) Vote-server - Structuring the discussion/drafting cells, keeping
      them to human scales.  Exposing the shape of the emerging
      consensus or dissensus.

That would be the state-of-the-art (so far as I know) in light touch
tool support.  Being light touch, it would help to clarify how the
vote-server (c) interconnects with the other essential facilities, and
what it might take to factor it out - as in Thomas's "meta-tool", or
Ed's "voting skin" - as a user preference. [1]

So the dogfood we'd be eating (as Ed says) would be pretty much
cross-project right from the start.  All we'd need is to improve on
it.  Are you guys OK with this?  It shouldn't take longer than a day
or two to code what's needed.

Conseo?  It might seem a bit of a distraction from our work, but I
think it would help us both to get our hands on the tools, especially
at this stage.  (I should mention that Conseo has a lot on his plate.
He's been learning Java in order to help with the coding.)

[1] In that sense, it ties to social mapping in the theatre app.

Michael Allan

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