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Jonas Liljegren jonas at liljegren.org
Wed Jan 26 06:27:59 EST 2011

2011-01-26 08:30, Thomas von der Elbe skrev:
> I read through the manifesto of your party and many things a very
> similiar to what we are doing with Votorola, especially the delegation.
> Now I'm particularily interested in what you call "Document evolution".
> Please foregive me, if I inadvertently missed the explanation, but my
> question is:
> How does this evolution happen?

A proposal gets accepted or rejected when the yes side or no side gets a
large enough majority. The length of the voting period is dependant of
how many of all the registred voters is voting. More votes and a larger
majority for yes or no will shorten the voting period. This includes
delegated votes. The effect of this is that bad proposals can be ignored
or just voted down by a small number of people. Proposals will be listed
according to theirs calculated end date of their voting period. Thus,
bad proposals will not surface, or will surface only will a low number
of votes in the no direction.

This principle is at works also for proposal versions.

New versions can be proposed by everyone. The voting on the old version
will continue alongside the voting of the new versions. All new versions
will point at their parent (or parents).

The frontend will primarely display the versions with the largest number
of yes votes. It will sort out parent version and it will display
suggested child versions.

You will vote yes or no on each version. You can vote yes on one or more
child versions and still vote yes on the parent version. It just says
that you would prefere the child versins but also accept the parent in
case the child is not accepted.

If the child version is finally getting accepted, it will superseed any
parent versions.

A general description of it is located here:
(May be readable with google translate)

I may be wrong about the details.

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