[MG] Spigit

Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Tue Jan 25 07:59:55 EST 2011

On Jan 23, 2011, at 12:42 AM, Marcos wrote:

> They have not beaten "us" to market.  Our market is freedom, theirs  
> is not.

Just remember that Windows and Mac OS have always had far, far, far  
more marketshare than Linux. The reason is exactly what Stallman warns  
about: they are easier to use, and people appear willing to give up a  
lot of freedom for a little convenience.

I think it is important here to remind people of the thread about our  
copyright, and the proposed removal of the NC designation.

This sort of company is the reason I thought "Non-Commercial" was a  
good addition to our copyright. Does it make sense for us to build  
good tools and have some company come along with a few million dollars  
and make them look shiny and pretty and suck users into a commercial  
system at the cost of the very soul of open governance?

To be honest, I am still a little unclear on why the free content  
people are so adamant that free must include commercial use. I am very  
willing to listen to arguments for it, but this thread reminds me of  
why I was leery of it in the first place.

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