[MG] Crossforum geomap - scoping and navigation

conseo 4consensus at web.de
Fri Jan 21 17:49:07 EST 2011

> I taught the geomap some new tricks:
> http://metagovernment.tuxfamily.org/crossforum/#c=DumG
>  1. Zoom in using the (+) at top left.  Note that the feed slows down.
>     It only shows bites that have geolocals in the current viewport.
>  2. Pan by grabbing the map and sliding it around.  Note that the
>     content of the feed changes with each pan.  It refilters itself to
>     match the area that's currently viewed.  (This becomes clearer as
>     you zoom in further.)
>  3. Press the back button.  Navigation is now geared to the pan/zoom
>     controls, so you can revisit previous areas.  Each area is
>     bookmarkable from the address bar, too.
>  4. Switch to a different base layer using the (+) at top right.  Note
>     that the layer controls are independent of the navigation and
>     pan/zoom controls.  So you can revisit previous screens using the
>     back/forth buttons, even while switching layers.
>     Layers aren't bookmarkable, if we keep it this way.
> It could be slow on some set-ups.  There might be bugs, please say if
> you see any,

Could you please default to osmrender? I couldn't load the page at all before 
allowing the Google.com-Javascript :-/


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