[MG] Mapping Participation in Drupal

Alex Rollin alex.rollin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 05:34:12 EST 2011

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 10:56 AM, conseo <4consensus at web.de> wrote:
>> conseo wrote:
>> > schrieb Alex Rollin:
>> > > I am rather certain that the Drupal solution handles more use
>> > > cases and is a wider deeper set of tools than what you are making.
>> >
>> > Of course it is. But I don't see where this is a problem. We can
>> > easily use Drupal as a drafting medium (e.g. blogs) already as far
>> > as Mike has told me and maybe soon even as a discussion medium (I
>> > have to write the scraper and fetcher for this then). We really
>> > don't want to compete here.

This is less about competition and more about what you said before,
which triggered what I said which is here (above) quoted out of
context.  I said before that I didn't really know what you meant by
generic, and I was qualifying that.  It's not competitive.  You said
you wanted generic and I wasn't sure what you meant by that so this
was my offer for what I mean when I say Drupal is also generic: lots
of use cases, and very display driven.  Certainly not "lean" in the
sense of what you are doing with GWT, and that is duly noted.

>> > In fact it would be lovely if you could
>> > work it out with us, since personally I'd like to address drupal at
>> > some near point in the future which would make our infrastructural
>> > concept *very* flexible and attractive to all kind of web
>> > communities already using drupal. It would also be an appropriate
>> > scale of test installation. What do you think, Michael?  Ideally
>> > they only have to install some pollserver stuff and a crossforum
>> > installation somewhere and will be able to blend that in where it
>> > makes sense to use democratical processes. That way we can also
>> > learn from Drupal and see where we can back our solutions up with
>> > it.
>> I think you guys are on the right track, if I understand.  We want to
>> move the machine to where people are.  That seems to be the
>> opportunity we're chasing.  In that sense we're politically driven.
>> So if Alex has a machine of his own, then we probably want to build a
>> bridge to it.  Because that's political too, and it'll attract people.
>> Right?
> Right.

I think I get it :)  To be clear, I have no idea what functions I need
to put "into Drupal".  Addressed more below.
>> If there's a danger (just speaking generally), it might be in trying
>> to cover too great of a distance in a single trek, or in a single span
>> of the bridge.  We need to show meaningful progress at frequent
>> intervals or I think we'll lose people.  (Not that I see this as a
>> danger in what you suggest, in particular.)
Fair enough.  I'm merely listening in for what this thing you are
building does, where it lives, etc, imaging that I am building
something (in Drupal) that will play along and supply data to
crossforum.  I am more interested what data it eats right now and
being able to add "another diff service" and replicating various (all
necessary pieces of the open architecture so I Can play along within a
Drupal site down the road.

> You are absolutely right. That is why was proposing to at first allow drupal to
> fetch data from our JSON feeds. This should be a small effort and would already
> allow to use Drupal for things we can't and don't want to do in a voting
> network. I have proposed this, since Alex is very interested in Drupal and I
> think we can all profit that way.

My main concern from days of old has been the centrality of the
pollwiki.  I don't really want to register my content there.  I got
hung up on this before.  I am merely attempting to understand this
central service, the pollwiki, as we move ahead (beyond crossforum)
when I say that I really do want to do drafting in Drupal.

> We don't have to do drafting and even voting
> that way yet and can stay focused, as we only share the general interfaces of
> Crossforum to drop the data to Drupal, too, at first. I think this would be a
> nice and step-by-step approach for Drupal as a drafting and voting medium and
> would also allow Alex and us to figure out the necessary details to become
> crossforum on the way. Just my 2pence.

I am the first to say that my needs are not immediate.  Again, just
hoping to understand the architecture and the interplay and definition
of the functions in the open architecture moving ahead. And then I was
offering to configure a Drupal feed processing site if that was


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