[MG] a metaquestion for the metagovernment metacommunity

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio metagovernment at pietrosperoni.it
Tue Jan 11 05:39:18 EST 2011

Dear All,
I just started a new question on the name of the beast.
In fact this one is a metaquestion:
"What question should we ask?"

The link is here:

I hope we don't need to ask a metaquestion every time we should ask a
question, but in this case I think it is important.
We have been going round and round for 16 generations. We have
criticized and analysed the question for multiple reasons and many

We area all learning to use Vilfredo and how it works. After all a
system that requires full consensus is very fragile to even the
slightest dissent.
I am actually happy that Jackie has asked the question in its present form.
Without her I would never have realized how Vilfredo does not cope
well with multiple questions asked together.

SO I really invite you, to come and write how you would ask the
question. And then, once we have reached consensus on this (or a
partial but very large majority, and the minority has either accepted
to play along, or would not voice their difficulty with the winning
proposal), we should ask the new question.

Hopefully the whole process will take less than just reaching
consensus on the original question.

Please join me,
and propose a question
to the metaquestion
for metagovernment.


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