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Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Mon Jan 10 08:07:15 EST 2011

On Jan 3, 2011, at 7:05 PM, Ed Pastore wrote:

> 1. Adding Michael Allen as an admin of the tuxfamily hosting site.  
> In accordance with the admin policy we have used in the past, as a  
> current active member of the list, he's eligible if nobody objects.
> Does anyone object to my making Michael an admin?
> If nobody objects, then there is also the question of what level. I  
> can give him admin rights on the website or on the entire project.  
> And there are three levels of admin rights, in progressively higher  
> order: modify (standard admin stuff), manage acl (add/remove other  
> admins, including me), destroy (delete the project). I have no  
> objection to giving Michael complete (destroy) access to the entire  
> project, as he is a long-term and obviously very committed member of  
> the project. But I will only go as high as consensus decides.

There have been several people agreeing with this and none  
disagreeing. I will give it another day or two before making Michael  
an admin of the tuxfamily site, where hopefully all resources of this  
project will soon move.

Does anyone object?

Also, Michael, do you actually want to be such an admin? (As opposed  
to not being an admin, or being an admin of only one section.) If so,  
all I need from you is for you to create an account on tux at:

If any other active list members would like to assist in administering  
the site at a full or limited level (i.e. admining one section such as  
creating a blog or bulletin board), please say so on-list, and see if  
anyone else objects.
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