[MG] Decorating the bite feed - coding plan

conseo 4consesus at web.de
Mon Jan 10 04:25:19 EST 2011

Hi Mike,

> Here's my plan for decorating the bites.  Whatever properties a
> particular feed puts into its bites (userID, pollID, and so forth)
> we'll ensure that it also puts in the properties needed by the
> currently displayed map.  (We already spoke briefly about this.)  So
> if the map is a geomap, then we'll decorate the bites with geospatial
> properties; if it's an x-map, then with x-properties; and so forth.
> This is for speed, of course.
> We need 3 basic facilities for the first cut:
>   1. A server-side bite factory that allows for the attachment of any
>      number of BiteDecorators (GeoDecorator, XDecorator, etc).  We can
>      easily do this, because our bites are generic hashmaps.
>   2. A server-side BiteServlet that takes in generic bites and outputs
>      JSON on the wire.
>   3. A client-side BiteFactory that takes in JSON and spits out
>      generic bites.
> What do you think?  Should I code these up and test them on the
> DummyFeed?  Meantime, you could focus on producing diff bites on the
> server and consuming them on the client side.  The piping in between
> should be entirely transparent to you.

This is the right approach imo. Go ahead I am trying to follow you closely 
with the DiffFeed. I am really curious to try that out on Metagov. 

> (BTW, If any other programmer is interested, each of these facilities
>  is a fairly self-contained job.  You could take one of them, if you
>  wished.)

Btw. even if somebody has ideas for Bite-types which could be relevant for 
crossforum (independant of Votorola) this could be helpful to keep the design 
of crossforum generic. Keep the ideas coming ;-)


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