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Pietro Speroni di Fenizio metagovernment at pietrosperoni.it
Mon Jan 10 05:49:14 EST 2011

Hello again,
it looks like there is an easy way to associate a string to a place in
yahoo pipes. It's the module "Location Builder".

Using that, I cloned the previous pipe and made a new one that
extracts the room name of a question, and uses it to determine the
location, it it is possible.
Then the location is added to the rss.

The new pipe can be found here:

And the rss on the Vilfredo page is

while the rss for the ITALIA page is:

Unfortunately no room that has been used so far in Vilfredo has a
geographical meaning.
When the name does not exits from a geographical point of view the rss
will just add the term:
and then inside this

Meaning that the name does not match any location.
I suggest when this is the case the question should probably go to
some general place. Or maybe a set of stars floating around. Each for
a different keyword.

If instead you use the term ITALIA (if there was a question in the
ITALIA room, which there isn't) you would see:
country Italy
lat 41.292540
lon 12.573465


On 10 January 2011 10:34, Pietro Speroni di Fenizio
<metagovernment at pietrosperoni.it> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Ok, let's get technical.
> As you know Vilfredo has a number of rooms. which provide the space
> for different groups to meet, as well as to have space that can be
> tied to geographical places or to give privacy. Rooms are not
> advertised, so if you use a weird name for the room, like
> "dbwixwxwnj", no one will ever find it, unless you give them the
> direct link.
> Each room has an rss feed. The adress of the rss feed is:
> http://vilfredo.org/rss.php?room=[Name of the Room]
> So the room Vilfredo (where we discuss enhancement to Vilfredo itself)
> will have the rss feed:
> http://vilfredo.org/rss.php?room=Vilfredo
> The only exception being the common room, which is at
> http://vilfredo.org/rss.php without any name of the room.
> The rss feed has several extra elements right now.
> Over and above the usual we have:
> vga:status
> vga:shorturl
> vga:room
> vga:numberProposals
> vga:twitter
> vga:generation
> The status will tell you if it is in the voting or proposing stage.
> The shorturl is the url that uses bit.ly to link to the page
> the room is the room where the question is asked
> the number proposals is the number of proposals that has been asked to
> vote among
> the twitter is a phrase that should be published through twitter
> (@Vg2A) for the question. Right now we are only publishing questions
> from the common room.
> and the generation is obviously the generation that is running.
> The rss is automatically fetched from yahoo pipes, and modified to be
> then pushed into twitter.
> What happens here is that the vga:twitter is substituted to the title,
> and the the result is pushed into an rss to twitter service, that
> pushes it into twitter.
> The address of the pipe fetching the rss feed is:
> http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=bb6f972cba035e3a319ef7841f2a1ee2
> The pipe can run for any room, and even for any other version of
> Vilfredo, as it has two inputs, the room name, and the website
> address.
> The rss after running through the pipe is then available for everybody.
> For example the address for the yahoo pipes rss for the room Vilfredo is:
> http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=bb6f972cba035e3a319ef7841f2a1ee2&_render=rss&room=Vilfredo&site=vilfredo.org
> I think it would be a piece of cake for you to go to this yahoo pipe,
> clone the pipe (just click on the clone link) and change it so that
> you can have the rss as you want it. Provided you don't need any extra
> information this is probably the best way to proceed.
> We are right now thinking about doing two things:
> 1) all the rooms that are all in CAPITOL LETTERS should be public, to
> the point that all of them should appear in the official twitter page.
> So we can have a SPANISH page and an ITALIAN page, and a BELGIUM page
> and an INDONESIA page, and an ENVIRONMENT page. ANd there is no need
> for the person to advertise it.
> 2) [and this I don't know if it is possible] It is important that no
> one should have rights over a page. I don't want a situation where the
> first person that writes in a page gets possession of it, or similar.
> But it is useful if some pages were linked to some localities. For
> example the page ITALIA, should be linked to Italy. And ROMA to Rome.
> Now, I wonder if there is an automatic way to do it. Maybe there is a
> service offered by yahoo or google that given a name gives you back
> the coordinates they assume that name refers to. It might be often
> wrong, but sometimes right. If this is the case, those coordinates
> would end up being really useful for the geoforum.
> On 10 January 2011 05:45, Michael Allan <mike at zelea.com> wrote:
>> In reply to Pietro and Thomas,
>> I'm keen on Pietro's idea of a question-state/vote-state feed, and
>> hopeful we can move on it.
>> Pietro Speroni di Fenizio wrote:
>>> We should have a system on Vilfredo where who asks a question can
>>> define a [geo]position for it.
>>> And who answers (or votes) a [geo]position for them.  Every time a
>>> person votes or writes a proposal the question [geo]position should
>>> light up. (remember that at this time proposals or votes are
>>> anonymous, we cannot give away the [geo]position of the voter).  And
>>> then when a question is moved on, all the [geo]position for the
>>> people who have voted should be available and the geomap should
>>> decide what to do with this information. Like you click on the
>>> question and the other positions appear, maybe linked. Or when the
>>> question is moved on the proposals all light up briefly. And so on.
>> Vilfredo already has a newsfeed I think you said?  Maybe we can put
>> its news items on the crossforum stage and project them on the map.
>> We'd need question IDs embeddable in each item and (when permitted)
>> user IDs.  Can you provide those?
>> The geospatial meta-data (location and so forth) needn't be added
>> directly to Vilfredo.  It can be added externally using the common
>> pollwiki.  The pollwiki has semantic capabilities, so it can easily
>> tag a Vilfredo question with meta-data.  That way, if the same
>> question happened to pop up on another vote-server (or another
>> instance of Vilfredo), then the two could share the same meta-data.
>> I think we could code this pretty quickly, if others agree it's a
>> positive direction.
>>> Also it would be good if the system makes some sort of automatic
>>> video (or just renders it somehow) for a certain time. For example.
>>> What happened in the last 24 hours? And I see the video and find
>>> out.
>> Thomas had the related idea of a replay facility where you could
>> re-position the feed at any point in time, and run it forward or
>> backward at varying speeds.  His idea of an "after-glow" effect for
>> map spotlighting was tied to that.
>> Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
>>> Would it be difficult to have a button at the bottom of the map,
>>> which links to the ohter map (the 3-dimensional one) and back?  It
>>> would make its future functionality even more clear.
>> I guess you're right, we need a map-switching control ASAP.  Where to
>> put it raises the bigger question of control layout in general, which
>> is something of a problem.  Maybe the "control mask" is part of the
>> solution, but I'm not sure:
>> http://zelea.com/project/votorola/a/crossforum/theatrePlan.png
>> Or maybe we shouldn't think about it too much.  Just float a
>> transparent control panel somewhere on the screen as a temporary
>> stop-gap?  (I agree it's a priority.)
>> Meantime, here are some demo links and bookmarklet controls that might
>> be helpful: http://zelea.com/project/votorola/a/crossforum/#demo
>> http://zelea.com/project/votorola/a/crossforum/#control
>> BTW - Conseo and I have merged code, so I'm looking at getting his
>> live diff feed projected on the map, too.
>> --
>> Michael Allan
>> Toronto, +1 416-699-9528
>> http://zelea.com/
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