[MG] Geomap for crossforum theatre

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Fri Jan 7 06:01:38 EST 2011

I like the geomap-view very much!


What do you guys think? So far we came up with 2 ideas for the mapping, 
Geomapping and tag-mapping. Did I miss something, or is there something 

I like both actually, and would propose to go foreward with the one, 
which is easiest to code.

A few ideas for the geomap:

- have a little miniature globe in the corner of the map for example, 
which lights up every time a global poll is active
- light up a whole country every time a national poll, or a state poll, 
or a city/county poll in this country is active
- once zoomed into a country have a miniature picture of the country in 
the corner, which lights up every time a national poll is active. And 
light up a state once a state poll or a city/county poll is active ...

(a minor thing: I liked the colours about the other map a lot: A dark 
map, which starts to glow in the dark (blue, or anything) as soon as 
people are connecting with each other and looking for consensus, with 
the goal of joint action. For me it's a metaphor of a brain, whose 
neurons are beginning to connect in order to think, decide and act.  ... 
the collective brain of mankind ;-)


Am 04.01.2011 19:10, schrieb Michael Allan:
> You maybe missed it, but the user can change the map provider.  See
> the (+) control at top right.  I was thinking of your objections to
> Google when I coded this. ;-)
> Should we make one of the OSM maps the default?  Or some other?
> conseo wrote:
>>   On Tue, 4 Jan 2011 03:09:13 -0500, Michael Allan wrote:
>>> Here's a geomap preview: http://u.zelea.com:8080/v/crossforum/#c=DumG
>>> You can switch map providers with the (+) control at top right.
>>> No action yet, it isn't linked to the feed.  Maybe spotlight the
>>> areas
>>> with circles and the user locations with conventional map markers?
>>> Later we can do something more elegant (?)
>>   Ehm, could we please use foss infrastructure where ever possible? Not
>>   only is
>>   it important to get a certain level of trust on the integrity of the
>>   platform,
>>   which is certainly a problem with spying Google, but we also cannot fix
>>   things
>>   upstream if we need to. Besides that is openstreetmap slowly getting
>>   much more
>>   detailed and precise in many areas and relevant information for voting
>>   can
>>   be added/adjusted there at any time. Supporting them also strengthens
>>   our basis
>>   in general. If we need major changes, we could even host our own
>>   mapping server
>>   or create a custom data set.
>>   Imagining a worse case scenario where some decision is made which in
>>   fact
>>   targets Google or the US government as well, it is also not helpful if
>>   they can
>>   pull the plug off legally.
>>   Are there any special reasons for using Google Maps?
>>   Besides that it looks awesome, I am already thinking about adding a bus
>>   stop there ;-)
>>   Cheers,
>>   conseo
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