[MG] Pollserver Federation - Crosstalk between voting systems

Owen Ambur Owen.Ambur at verizon.net
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If the group would like to convert "wishes" like these into a performance
plan, I'll be happy to render it in StratML format.


As an interim step, a wiki page might be in order.  (We're looking for a
wiki vendor(s) who is willing and able to support the StratML standard.)




Goal ~ A dream with a deadline.


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Hi Alex,

thank you for your email! It's good to feel your enthusiasm! :-)

I'd like to add some more wishes to the list of potentially displayed data
in the theatre. 

1. Friend status - is the author a "friend" through some social network
2. Tree status - is the author up or down the "tree", in-line, or in
another "branch"
3. Tree changes - what changes have ensued in the tree that are
related to this change (more/less supporters)
4. Location information - location of author, location of poll,
action/outcome location (poll in Germany about something in Indonesia)
5. Resulting cross-forum action - how many people clicked on or
interacted with this post
6. Status of poll - have conditions, if any, been met? What are the
7. Poll rank - priority of the poll in your own ranking system, and
across your allies

8. Simple vote-counts, e.g. "Poll X has gathered another 100 voters. Total:
120 000 voters."

9. Newsfeeds specifically refering to e-dem-events, e.g. "Greenpeace asks
its members to support position B in poll X" or "The german Green Party
incorporates the consensus of poll Y into its party-program." ...

Then about the "Federation Standard": 

(I do like the word "Federation" a lot, maybe we should call the app
something like this ;-)

I also agree with the idea of the standard. It would basically simply
describe, how an external tool can be plugged into the theatre, what data it
can receive and what data it can send in what format, right? 

So what are the next steps? 

First we can invite all interested voting-projects to express their wishes
for the standard. Quite a few are on this list already. So please feel

Second, since Votorola is already being plugged in, we can try to foresee
others wishes, i.e. make the interface as universal as possible. Plus
express ourselves, what data Votorola would like to exchange with the
theatre. You started with this already:

Data coming from the following activities: 

1. Create a unique poll
2. Create a position within that poll
3. Allow users to vote for a position
4. Allow another user to propose a competing position
5. Allow a user to produce a "Comparison/Diff" between 2 position

7. Allow user to authenticate


8. Delegate my and my received votes in poll X to person P

Did I miss something?


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