[MG] Visualization problems for crossforum theatre

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Mon Jan 3 04:28:18 EST 2011

Ed Pastore wrote:
> I would think this would then have to be relative to the scope of the 
> view. For example, if you combine this with your earlier idea of tying 
> the visualization to a geographic map, then you wouldn't want to end 
> up zoomed into a view of Berlin where nothing is blue because there is 
> massive activity in Beijing at the moment. So each time you pan or 
> zoom on the map, the relative blue circles (and perhaps other such 
> variables) should re-calculate against the field of view.

I didn't think that far, but you are right, this becomes necessarry. 
What worries me a bit in this though: If you pan over to Berlin and 
Beijing comes out of sight, it will look as if suddenly the Berlin-polls 
become more active. Maybe a little message "Re-calculating the views" 
would help? But it doesn't seem ideal, does it? What else could we do?

When zooming in or out this problem wouldn't occur, because the whole 
picture changes anyway.

@ Mike: Concerning Zoom and Pan: For me personally the most fun way is 
to use the scroll-wheel to zoom in and out and to grab the map with the 
left or right mouse-button to pan.

@ Marcos: I must admit, how to project the tags onto a map will probably 
remain a mystery to me. But if you and Pietro know this ... ;-)


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