[MG] Introducing PdI (Partido de Internet)

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Wed Jun 30 08:46:46 EDT 2010


David Ruescas wrote:
> The thing is, we have no program. For the moment the aim is to "simply"
> establish a voting channel through our elected representatives. 

I understood that. What I was trying to point out is, there are 2 
different types of votes connected with the PdI:

1. The votes in the general elections, which determine how many seats in 
parliament the PdI gets.

2. The votes of the public later on, which determine how the delegates 
of the PdI vote in parliament.

And my point is: The votes of type 1 are expected to be anonymous. But 
concerning the votes of type 2 there is no fixed expectations. One could 
just as well expect them to be public like in petitions (at least thats 
true for Germany and the US (as Owens post made clear). Do you have 
petitions in Spain too?). Or expect them to be public like votes of 
parliamentarians are public.


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