[MG] Evolutionary genetic systems in e-democracy

Mark Janssen stalkingtime at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 20:56:52 EDT 2010

> Mark Janssen wrote:
>> ...  IOW, don't just select a "final version" and eliminate the
>> rest.  Keep them in all in (lessor/probabilistic) circulation,
>> allowing later improvements that could bump them up again.  It's
>> definitely a different paradigm, but it's known to work ...
>> To me, this is the only real way to solve the [information
>> overload]-[democratic participation] problem.  It is [probably] the
>> *only* long-term solution. It is *optimal* in the sense that there
>> is no room for improving it.
> I hope you can try your hand in the pollwiki Mark, maybe joining in
> one of the ongoing polls discussed here in the list.  I'm curious to
> learn how your evolutionary idea differs from what we've implemented.
> Maybe you can help us to improve it.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to
Pietro's msg -- I am currently rather occupied and unable to give more
thorough dialog, but I have noticed your contributions elsewhere with
much interest and recognize a like-mind!  I intend to check our your
site in more detail and find ways to combine our approaches at some
point.  Would love to dialog more about these topics.  Hoping to
create something over at nodilus.com in Santa Fe soon if you want to
join us.

There should be a wiki for source code...


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