[MG] Terms of ownership for the domain name (p/owdo)

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Sun Jun 27 09:02:26 EDT 2010

Michael Allan wrote:

"The job of the caretakers is to guard the domain name against misuse.
The only feasible means of guarding it (I think) is a veto:

What do you think?"

You want to give the caretakers a veto concerning all issues of domain-ownership. But only during the time before the transfer of the domain to the public. Right?

I imagine this does not sound very trustworthy to the public. They might think: "Ah well, just before we reach the 1000 votes for new ownership-conditions a caretaker comes along and pulls out his veto ...! No, thanks!"

Please describe a case, where such a veto would be of worth for a caretaker. I think, if we find good ownership-conditions, we dont need a veto altogether. The caretakers would just stick to it no matter what.

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