[MG] Introducing PdI (Partido de Internet)

David Ruescas david.ruescas at partidodeinternet.es
Fri Jun 25 10:18:36 EDT 2010

On 21 June 2010 13:23, Thomas von der Elbe <ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hello PdI-people,
> I was on holiday. I also want to welcome you on our list!

Hello Thomas and thank you for your kind welcome!

> Wow, quite a discussion you started here. Please don't take offence if the
> tone gets a bit rough at times. It's not just in this discussion, it has
> been like this in other threads too.
> To some degree I share the wish for anonymity with you guys. And I hope
> that the future will bring a trustworthy technology for that.
> And at first sight it does indeed look like the public would expect the PdI
> to offer privacy in voting.
> Now, what will be private in any case, are ofc the votes for the party
> itself (in the general elections). I think, this is the main expectation of
> the public concerning privacy.

> Where the party gets its program from is a new and different issue. And
> here you are constructing a historical new model of a party anyway. Now, I´m
> not sure, if polls inside a traditional party about its program are always
> held in private.

The thing is, we have no program. For the moment the aim is to "simply"
establish a voting channel through our elected representatives. Elaborating
policy is something that we are aware of, but that is not our priority, we
must focus on one objective at a time, and what we are trying to do now is
already extremely difficult.

> I think in many cases its done in public. Plus: the only similiar thing to
> a party-program-poll which the public is used to right now (at least in
> Germany) are petitions. And those even have to be public by law. So the
> people will not expect it differently.
> So both expectations (private elections, but public petitions) can be
> fullfilled without long waiting for that new technology to come.
> But I think what is really against the expectation of the people, is that
> not only party-members are allowed to vote but everybody. Why is this
> necessary or useful?

The spirit of a direct democracy is to allow everyone to vote. I am not
talking about policy, but of referenda..

> Greetings,
> Thomas
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