[MG] Candiwi issue

Matías Battocchia battox at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 18:49:04 EDT 2010

Hi, I'm having an issue with Candiwi's login, it's not a bug nor
something that has to be resolved either. I have more than one OpenID,
say, A and B, and I'm registered with A but trying to login with B.
Candiwi then asks me to register again; that's ok, I've used the same
personal data with both OpenID providers but that doesn't prove that
them belong to the same person. I fill the form and I get "That e-mail
address is already in use" error message.

What if provider A is out of service (forever)? As I can't delete my
current account because I can't login due OpenID A non existence I
must invent a false mail address just to get in. Email account isn't
important to Candiwi but for the user. I propose that Candiwi stop
checking during registration if the mail is already used; it should
register you even if the mail field is empty. It should send a you a
confirmation mail if you left an address. You should confirm it in
order to start receiving further mails from Candiwi. This way I can
have one mail address (read, Candiwi user) associated to several IDs.

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