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Ed, thanks for sharing the link to bettermeans.com

Here are the sentences that resonate most strongly with me:  "People emerge
to do the work by simply doing it. If they are helpful, other people begin
to trust them."

However, from my perspective, the objective is not to build "trust" but to
do "work" (produce results) that is helpful to (used by) others.

While this statement may be true in common practice -- "Work organization is
(generally) emergent." -- work is generally more effective if it is based
upon an explicitly shared set of goals and objectives (i.e., a strategic


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...or has it? There are cooperatives and other such organizations. And  
now I see that Mark has added this extremely interesting page to the  
metagov site:
I would encourage those who have more than a couple minutes to read  
that over and see what we can do with it.


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