[MG] Free range voting project

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Wed Jun 23 16:23:05 EDT 2010

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> Yes, we have reached the point, where we can actually do
> e-democracy. So yes, lets do it! On the other hand, there are people
> e.g. on this list who would like to contribute to this process. And
> here is the question for me: How do we organize ourselves? In a
> non-profit organization or a Limited Liability Partnership or ... ?

Who are these people? :-) Can't they do e-democracy (just a little)
without incorporating, setting up offices, and giving themselves
titles?  If I had funds to donate to e-democracy, I'd give 'em to the
folks who are doing the real work.  At the moment, that appears to be
Steven Clift and his crew.  Who else is out there on the front lines?
(And indeed, they are funded.)  So the first order of business (at
least for this workhorse) is either to join 'em, or to emulate 'em:

Then what happens after that - after we put the horses in front of the
cart - I don't know.  Maybe we'll organize, just like you say.  But at
least we'll have something to show for our efforts (something better
than the embarrassment of an empty and inactive organization).
/end speech

> It would for example be much better if such an organization was the
> owner of the domains than just you and I.

I think it has to be public ownership, as I'll argue during this poll:

> Ok, so I started a poll: http://u.zelea.com/w/G/p/owdo

OK.  This is useful, because agreement here will give us a domain
name.  (So, not only will we be active *in* e-democracy, we'll also be
active *under* a domain name.  (The cart begins to move. :-)

I'll post on p/owdo in a separate thread.

@ p/mho
> I like both yours and Ed's formats. For me, the content is not
> disturbing for the question of the format. The homepage is not my
> first priority right now though.

Well, I can see the humour in it.  That's one sorry-ass poll, and the
remaining participant isn't much interested in it either.  Easy come,
easy go. :-)

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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