[MG] Is Main Page unapproachable?

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Tue Jun 22 09:40:05 EDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I´m back from holiday and I also read all the posts etc.

Ed Pastore wrote:
> Please excuse my poor participation (and thus misstatements) recently. 
> I hope to be able to devote much more time to this project starting in 
> a couple months.

I know this problem, Ed. I appreciate the time and energy you do devote 
all the time already. Thank you!

> As far as I am concerned, my draft is legitimate copy for either
> project (or for the unification of the two). However, at the moment,
> it is written with Metagovernment in mind. If others would like to
> improve it, please, please do so. If it is more appropriate for it to
> exist on a different wiki from where it is (ie, on the pollwiki, so it
> can be voted for or or against), please let me know... or go ahead and
> transcribe it there. But clearly it needs more work before it can be
> voted on.

With Votorola your draft does not need to be ready before it can be 
voted on. Votorola is also very useful to draft collaborativly. The 
votes themselves indicate the changes your draft should have. Because 
your voters can suggest improvements, which you then can easily patch 
into your draft (ofc only if you like them). And they can collect 
support for their improvements and so forth ...


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