[MG] Is Main Page unapproachable?

Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Sat Jun 12 15:37:06 EDT 2010

On Jun 12, 2010, at 3:27 AM, Michael Allan wrote:

> (apologies if you couldn't reach the servers, my WAN link was down)

So, to restate, the poll is here:

> Mark Janssen wrote:
>> Dude, I told you about this problem (_and_ gave you a solution)  
>> months
>> ago.  See the discussion tab off the main page in my dialog to
>> targetrace.
> Here's that discussion between Mark and Targetrace, and the edit they
> were disputing:
> http://metagovernment.org/wiki/ 
> Talk:Main_Page 
> #Objection_to_revert 
> :_Revision_as_of_16:33.2C_3_November_2009_by_User:Targetrace
> http://metagovernment.org/w/index.php5?title=Main_Page&diff=1833&oldid=1799
> (I think this kind of collision is the fault of the tools, not the
> users.)

I see the dispute, but I don't see what you're proposing as the  
answer, Mark. Is it the addition of that link<http://metagovernment.org/wiki/Why_this_project_is_needed 
 >? I see your point, but I don't think that link (nor the tone of the  
linked page), is the way of achieving it. I also don't necessarily  
agree with the value judgement of saying this project is "needed" as  
much as it is hoped to be beneficial.

> Ed Pastore wrote:
>>> Often when I refer people to our website, I get feedback that they  
>>> either
>>> "don't get it yet" or "didn't have time to wade through it all."  
>>> Or various
>>> things like that.
>>> . . .
>>> So, can anyone come up with ways to make it even more approachable?
> Here's one possible way - tell the reader (very clearly) what the
> project will enable him to do:
> http://u.zelea.com/w/User:Mike-ZeleaCom/G/p/mho
> Is that roughly the right approach?  Will it work?  (And will the
> tools work on a real issue, such as this?)

This is a pretty nice way of approaching it. Are you suggesting this  
for the Metagovernment home page? (Or is that a question implied in  
the question of what to call the FRVP? I continue to suggest that free- 
range voting, while not the entirety of the mission of Metagovernment,  
is still quite a large part of it.)

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