[MG] Is Main Page unapproachable?

Matías Battocchia battox at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 17:08:31 EDT 2010

*Part One: Impatience is a problem*

*"I didn't have time to wade through it all."*

I believe that every web visitor is often impatient, even me, because I've
found myself —sometimes— with that anxiety that makes you quit a website
when you haven't read enough of it. If you suffer this kind of disease,

What keeps you reading a website? Understanding this would help us to design
a better homepage.

For example, when I want to know about something, I search it on the
internet and take some time to visit pages and truly read them; but if the
curiosity isn't mine —"hey, check this out" written in a blog, chat, etc— I
tend to behave anxiously.

It turns out that the first case comprehends the people that have thoughts
similar to Metagovernment's, google them, find our site, and possibly join
the list. That's not a problem, as the second case. Metagovernment is an
idea, that want to be considered by those who haven't in orden to be
supported... and ideas normally spread out by means of recommendations
(curiosity isn't yours).

*Part Two: A proposal*

What keeps me reading a website? Understanding. If the 20 first words
haven't explained me anything (*), I feel that I'm reading a nonconducting
paragraph and quit. Whenever possibly, we may write in a way that every word
partially adds a bit of understanding, not just information. (Normally you'd
have to read a whole paragraph to tell about —at least— a part of it. I'm
referring to the opposite: read part, tell part.)

If that writing is difficult or impossible to achieve, maybe the situation
of Metagovernment concept, we shouldn't write at all... let's draw.

Note that some websites make use of videos. Personally, I don't like them.
If a video lasts 3 minutes I think I can understand the idea in 1, using
text and images (quiting if I can't find them). Provided these two things,
then we could put an institutional video for those not on the mood of
Part Three: Extra problem*

*"I don't get it yet."*

Reading but still not understanding. The idea of governance through the
internet is kind of abstract and difficult to grasp. (I've noted this too
when talking to people too!) We should be more concrete, put an example...
for example.


* I'm not asking for everything, just something.
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