[MG] Is Main Page unapproachable?

Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Thu Jun 10 10:36:21 EDT 2010

Often when I refer people to our website, I get feedback that they  
either "don't get it yet" or "didn't have time to wade through it  
all." Or various things like that.

In part, this is a fundamental problem with the current information- 
overload that everyone is facing thanks to the internet. There is so  
much out there, that when we encounter something new, we hope we can  
skim it for 15 seconds and completely understand it. If not... oh  
well, time to move on to something else.

I thought the newest iteration of the Main Page was specifically  
oriented to addressing that problem, but I still get that same feedback.

So, can anyone come up with ways to make it even more approachable?

I have started a new draft
and modified it some. Please feel free to expand on that work, or  
propose something else entirely.

I also tried to slim down and reorganize
since it is the "Read more..." link.


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