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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Thu Jun 10 03:21:20 EDT 2010

> >   http://u.zelea.com/w/User:Mike-ZeleaCom/Tor/p/grfin
> >   (hit refresh to see the latest styles)

Ed Pastore wrote:
> This is really fantastic, Michael. I am still awaiting a large enough  
> window of time where I can really dig through it, but I would very  
> much encourage others to do so as well.
> **This is worth spending some time on, folks!**

So it looks OK (sort of)?  It's technically functional, anyway.  You
can expect to do the real stuff with it (nominate a candidate, prop up
a law, or even bring down a government).  And we need to be trying
some of that (at least in a small way) in order to hammer out the
rough edges, make it usable, and generally get it beta ready.

> > Again, the front end is commons (supplier-neutral) technology.  The
> > back end is currently serviced by Votorola.  But the back end is all
> > plug-in components, so we can easily augment/replace Votorola.
> Can you explain a little better how that would work?

Replace: Votorola currently provides (in addition to a pollserver) i)
a trustserver that underpins the registry, and ii) a difference bridge
as an interface to discussion media.  If anyone wants to implement a
trustserver of their own, they can run it alongside Votorola's.  If it
proves a better implementation, the streetwiki admin can easily switch
to it (replacing V).  Ditto for the difference bridge, and a bunch of
minor services that we still have to code.

Augmenting the pollserver: If anyone has voting software of their own,
they are free to hook it into the common pollwiki.  (It's not
difficult to hook in.  We almost have NationBuilder hooked in without
Jim Gilliam knowing about it).  It can then run alongside Votorola's
pollserver, and we can work on cross-mirroring the votes and enabling
the users to free range between the two.  (Maybe only a week of work,
since it's already half-prototyped.)

Augmenting the registry: if anyone has a voter registry of their own
(like a club with a member list) *and* they can publish it on the
internet, then we can use it to complement the existing residential
registry.  So we'll be able to define members-only polls in the
pollwiki.  Or combine membership and other criteria, such as location.

Other augmenting stuff is possible.  It's radically open, so there are
endless possibilities.  We can basically interface with anything at
all, even sometimes without permission (if we need to get pro-active).

> I prefer whatever will work. I just see small organizations as a
> good starting point for cutting our teeth. In the end, I would like
> to see everything. Since you seem to be enabling anything... let's
> see where it gets implemented.

Yes, let's see if it can fly, and where it goes. :-)

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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