[MG] Secret Ballots

Darwin O Connor doconnor at reamined.on.ca
Fri Jun 4 15:46:12 EDT 2010

On 6/4/2010 3:35 PM, Michael Allan wrote:
> What exactly are you and David talking about?  Please describe how an
> organization (or individual) would go about coercing the public
> voters.  What is the first thing this organization will do?  And how
> will it expect the voters to react?

Offer to pay individuals $1, $10 or $100 to vote in a certain way, check 
their public vote and pay them.

Or an employer could suggest employees vote a certain way and check 
their public votes to see if they did. If they didn't they could find a 
reason to fire them or otherwise punish them.

Of course doing these things would be against local laws, but that 
doesn't mean it wouldn't happen.

With a secret vote this can't be effectively done because there is no 
way for a third party to verify how anyone actually voted.

It this stage, I think any software should allow administrators to 
choose between secret and public voting. Public voting isn't really a 
problem with small organization, where the stakes are low.

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