[MG] Introducing PdI (Partido de Internet)

Ed Pastore epastore at metagovernment.org
Wed Jun 2 14:50:34 EDT 2010

On Jun 2, 2010, at 2:00 PM, David Ruescas wrote:

> Besides the experts to which Ive talked in person, that belong to  
> the research group that I have linked to, you can take time to  
> survey attempts at e-voting around the world, where experts  
> (researchers in the matter) have tried to create voting system  
> prototypes, all of them including privacy, eg Cybervote, SERVE,  
> Sensus, Evox, GNU Free (in fact, Ive actually talked to Jason  
> Kitcat) Scytl Pnyx.. I have yet to find an equivalent that does not  
> include privacy..

I have looked up most of those, and from what I can tell all of the  
ones I could find are heavily bent toward running elections. Again, it  
is crucial to distinguish between elections, referenda, and an open  
ecosystem of collaborative policy-making. The first two are the only  
things anyone has really tried.

The last one is the focus of this group. When individuals are asked to  
create policy, there are very good reasons for them to put their  
reputation on the line.

I have no objection to systems which can support privacy (and David, I  
laud your tenacity in fielding criticism from so many fronts).  
However, I am strongly leaning toward emphasizing public voting...  
much more so than I was when this thread started.

I think it may be nice to have the capacity to support both anonymous  
and public systems, but in the end public is the goal (I think we all  
agree on that so some extent), so I'd like to see it get into peoples'  
minds sooner rather than later. 

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