[MG] bug in vilfredo fixed: Manuel is a key player

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Tue Jun 1 11:42:51 EDT 2010

Hi Pietro,

> We spoke about this before.

I don't recall - I think there is some misunderstanding.

> .. You are working on a system to integrate voting systems. And
> voting systems inherently work on closed questions. I am working on
> a system to tackle open questions. Maybe one day we will develop
> Vilfredo so that questions that are still open after n generations
> are going to be solved using voting theory. Then Vilfredo will have
> something to integrate with you.

We only support open questions.  We don't support pre-structured
issues, or any other kind of arbitrary restrictions.  (It's the voters
who define the issues, and they're free to redefine them on the fly.)
Who told you otherwise?

I thought we might look at using the difference bridge to bridge your
brainstorming positions, and bring them closer to consensus.  (And
maybe other interfaces, too.)

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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