[MG] Interface with discussion media (4) by difference bridge

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Tue Jun 1 10:33:12 EDT 2010

I may have given the wrong impression, Owen.  I wasn't questioning
whether people would use StratML.  My intended message is, "Give me 2
dedicated users, and I'll work with you." :-)

That's a blanket offer to anyone (just about).  We have considerable
flexibility in the tools.  StratML is a little more difficult to
accomodate in the pollwiki (than prose).  But it's not too bad,
provided we don't go overboard with it (especially at first).


Owen Ambur wrote:
> Mike, no, I cannot say you are wrong in questioning whether anyone will use
> the StratML standard.  The talk about strategic alignment, stakeholder
> consultation, and performance reporting far exceeds the actual practice of
> such disciplines.  However, that is a reality I hope we can change, at least
> to some small degree.  
> Regardless of the degree of success/failure that may result, it is an effort
> to which I am committed ... unless and until the purposes of the StratML
> standard are met more effectively by other means.
> http://xml.gov/stratml/index.htm#DefinitionPurposes I have no doubt about
> the merits of those purposes.

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