[Start] Test Field

Matías Battocchia battox at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 21:17:36 EDT 2008

Hello Metagovernment! I've been a little disconnected (without time
and/or Internet; sad this latter, isn't it?). I'm back, with good

I recall the importance of •test fields• for Metascore. We know in
general lines how an open source governance should be, but when
creating the application that is going to support it, design
difficulties emerge. It is like dark waters, you see less as you gain
profundity. A test field is a flash light in our obscure intellectual
ambient: it is an experimental facility where we can take theory to
practice real-life testing Metascore. Constructing a social software
step-by-step, evaluating what works and what does not is a great
advantage contrasted to predict it. Test fields will give us the
feedback that we need to make discoveries.

I'm doing some advances in getting the Institute where I study as a
test field (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balseiro_Institute). I
presented a project to its Director and it was partially considered.
The main idea is to have an hybrid organization, the traditional way
of decision-making in one hand and an open source governance in the
other. This parallelism invites the Institute to crossfade systems,
from the old to the new, as open source shows itself to be better.

The Institute is a really nice place to experiment:
• everybody is connected (to an inner WLAN and Internet),
• is a small organization that works fine,
• already has a forum.

So, I invite our programmers to release a basic Metascore to replace
the actual forum... and see what happens.


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