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If we're dealing with a system that effectively manages the governance of my
life, I would imagine that more than enough details exist to correctly
identify me.

I've seen a handful of examples of this in the United States (although I'm
failing to remember their names). I believe that Volkswagen Credit or my
National City account has a feature which asks where I was born, what city
my mother grew up in, and where my grandfather lived when he was married to
my grandmother. These are all simple questions for me but would probably
pose a challenge to anyone other than my significant other.

It's what I would consider to be "real world security," based on things that
only I could know and do -- kind of like fingerprinting, but based on
intelligence as opposed to biometrics. With the advent of the web there
could be even greater security, such as whom you sent your last email to,
which site you've recently updated your profile on, or what artist you've
listening to over the past week.

On the simpler side, I'm also a big fan of the OpenID method, as one site
shouldn't have exclusive access to my security, especially when we're
talking about the government.

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 4:42 AM, <harrystottle at fullmoon.nu> wrote:

> Minefield. Please see
> http://www.fullmoon.nu/book/side_issues/IdentityCards.htm
> There is a deep connection between authentication and democracy which is
> only trivially associated with identity. It is much more to do with
> accountability but I'll have more to say about that later...
> > One challenge we will have is reliable (possibly anonymous) and secure
> > user authentication. This is a question for the more tech-savvy of the
> > group -- is it possible to authenticate reliably and securely by
> > fingerprint using the fingerprint reader technology? Or, could we
> > authenticate by keystroke? Many users have a rhythm in the way they
> > type their keys for common words -- even knowing the password, could
> > we develop some sort of technology that is more secure? Are there
> > other ideas?
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