Snide Guide to a Perfect Organization

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You're ready to make an Empire! Yay! Perhaps you will build the next Great Society. Or organize people into creating an inter-galactic spaceship or 200-story pyramid. Because you're going to need massive amounts of resources and control to make that happen. To get that, you'll need to have an overarching Statement of Purpose and Vision in order to get people to trust you and cut loose the common-wealth. Want something that will last longer than a single project or lifetime? Then, you'd better write a Constitution.

So, in any organization, whether governmental, private, or non-profit, you are balancing and managing two primary pillars of value within the human condition:

  • Liberty: the desire for people to want to do their own thing
  • Justice: the desire for fairness and protect larger social values.

With these two pillars in mind, you can accomplish anything. Isn't that cool!?


There are two and only two enemies to creating your empire. Because YOU are the master and can't and will not blame anyone, right?

  • Entropy: Energy is not created easily in the universe. The last time it was created was the Big Bang. Being conservative is being wise. But the Law of Thermodynamics isn't the last word on the subject. Hidden blow: you create a great flash of personal accomplishment only to fade out into a dud.
  • Blissful seductions: People have a tendency to form ruts in their own comfort zones. They're going to be using up space and life force, be sure of that. Hidden blow: someone's learned tantra and they're sucking all of the life force through a hidden dimension.

You have no excuse to get beaten by the first enemy, because physics and me have now WARNED you. As for the second. You'll have to be somewhat of a task master to see that any use of energy is being transformed to a decent amount of value in exchange.


There are four crucibles to making the perfect organization:

  • Personal (self) Mastery: Leadership vs. Control Cody; Dominance -- too much control. You're squeezing the life out of people. Things are going as planned, but people are losing interest. Advice: Loosen up. Hidden blow: sabotage -- they've mutinied.
  • Business Acumen: Being the Rule-Maker vs. The Liberator: depletion makes costs soar, creativity slow down like molasses, Resources can be created. Even energy can be countermanded by the creation of more ORDER.
  • Reserve: RightWaiting vs RightAction: Passivity -- too little control. Nothing's being managed judiciously. Resources are being squandered and lost. People are being put in distress because no one knows what to do. Advice: Seek more knowledge. Hidden blow: they abandoned ship and you didn't notice. You're now piloting a ghost ship fueled by the last bit of hope the people gave you. ; Serving Immediate Needs vs. Transcendental Purposes
  • Responsibility: Waste Conditions: Every organization creates waste. You'll need to plan for it so you don't suffocate eventually. Without planning and coordination, these build up into toxins. Fortunately, just like the planetary ecosystem, waste can generally transformed into new value. But don't

If you get defeated by the first, you'll become a tyrant. Don't do that -- you'll either make people apathetic or rise up and revolt. Getting defeated by the second and you might as well go to sleep on making a better or more orderly world.


There are four allies to combat and balance the enemies. That gives you the upper hand.

  • The Leader: Direction vs. Creative Freedom
Education vs. Serendipity
  • The Informer: Individual Rights vs. Groups with Interests

These are all you need to make a perfect world government.

Laying the Foundations

As we are dealing with human endeavors related to living together, you are engaging four primary forces:

  • Society and Interactions: what are you gathering together for, culture,
  • Environment: historical and geographical context,
  • Economy: means of creating and holding material values, and
  • Education: means of storing and teaching human value.

Human social nature human self-interest

Providing a Purpose. Working together for a higher good. That's the outer layer. Then the inner guidance: Working to build something that only a group can do.

Putting the ideas to paper

At some point, you're going to want to write things down so you can start with a basis for agreement (or social contract). It's good to start with some exemplary prose to excite the reader to learn more about your little domain of law. A paragraph is good.

Then lay out your basis of law and rules that hopefully solves all the constraints in the crucibles above: choosing leaders, deciding conflicts, etc.

Leave with a promise of prosperity and happiness ever after.

In conclusion

If you've solved the first enemy, you've made people free.
If you've solved the second enemy, you've made them feel safe.

Both, and you're the queen/king. Now go start the revolution. This world sucks.