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There are a number of active projects, among many similar projects, that are being developed by members of Metagovernment:

  • Adhocracy — A drafting and (delegated) voting tool for small and medium-sized groups
  • Candiwi — Wiki software based on consensus, synthesis, and a distributed framework ("candid distributed wiki").
  • DemocracyLab — Software using participants' posts and votes to build a dynamic map of political thought designed to facilitate consensus and solve problems.
  • Indaba Application Network — The platform running WeVote (on Facebook) and ChoiceRanker.
  • NationBuilder — The platform running The White House 2, and a growing number of other systems.
  • Openpolitics — Canadian wiki based project for deliberation on political issues.
  • Telematics Freedom Foundation — Promotes democracy, including media and global democracy, through the promotion of telematic solutions (see linked page for list).
  • Vilfredo goes to Athens — Software which uses mathematical formulae to help participants build a consensus.
  • Votorola — Software for building consensus and reaching decisions on local, national and global levels.
  • Votetocracy — US site allowing citizens to vote on bills in Congress and send those votes to representatives.

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